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A Good day with

Saint Pio of Pietrelcina


Short biography of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina

Saint Pio, in the time Francesco Forgione, borns the 25th may, In Pietrelcina (BN). The parents Grazio e Maria Giuseppina de Nunzio. He enters as a  Capuchin the 6th January 1903, and was ordained as priest the 10th of August 1910 in the Cathedral of Benevento. The 28th of July 1916 he travelled to San Giovanni Rotondo, Gargano, where he lived (except little short interruptions) until his dead, which happens was the 23rd September 1968. The morning of the friday 20th September 1918, praying for the cross of the chore of the little old church, he received the stigmata, which remained open and bleeded for 50 years. During his life, he waited only for the changement of his priest ministral , founded the Groups of Prayer and a modern Hospital which has the name of “La Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza”. The processes for the Santification are as follows: 20th March 1983 begins the officially process, 21st of January the end of the process, 18th December 1997 conference of the decree of the courageous virtue, 21st december 1998 promulgation of the decree of the miracle, sunday 2nd May 1999 Giovanni Paolo II declares Padre Pio “Beato”, 16th June 2002 Padre Pio is proclaimed “Saint”.


Say oft to our Lord: Oh God your are my God and I trust in you. You assist me and you are my refuge and I will fear nothing..

Epist. III p.727


The thought that I can loose Jesus every moment me gives a breathlessness what I can not explain: only that Soul who realy loves Jesus can understand.

Epist.I  p.328


Also the martyrs believed in suffering. The most lovely Believing is that which pronounces in the sacrifice and in an effort of violence.

Epist.III p.661


That Jesus will allways be with you and will give you the reward of the sacrifies that you are going to support for the health of the neighbour.

Epist.I p.868

5th January

I feel nothing else than to have and to want that what wants God. And in Him I feel myself rested, at least always with the inside: with the outside sometimes a bit uncomfortable.

Epist.I p.1247

6th January

I am satisfied in suffering, and if I would not listen the voice in my heart, I would ask Jesus that he will give me all the suffering of the men.

Epist. I.p.270


I find the life a great weight, because it deprives me of the real life.

Epist.III p.665

8th January

God leaves you in that darkness for his glory: it is here your great spiritual profit.

Epist. I p.868


Jesus will be always in your heart and he will look here at your dearest daughter.

Epist.III p.868


In my unworthiness I will not cause to pray Jesus, so that in will be less heavy the cross.

Epist. I 282

11th. January

In the world nothing me bores and weights, nothing I desire only to love and to suffer

Epist.I p.197

12th January

Jesus I have no more love in my heart, you know that I give it all to you.

Epist. I p.266

13th. January

That it makes always to me and around me in everything and for everything the holy and lovable will of God.

Epist.I p.213

14th January

I feel in my heart a great desire to say to you many things, all of Jesus.

Epist.I p.265

15th Janaury

I always love the mercy of Jesus.

Epist.I p.236

16th January

If that is the will of God I want to suffer and always ,ore for giving him taste.

Epist.I p.219


Faithfull I let myself go into the arms of Jesus.

Epist.I p.217

18th January

I suffer, it is true, but I do not care because Jesus likes it so.

Epist. I p.193

19th January

The Holy Mass has finished, and I remain with Jesus for thanking. Oh how gentle it was the meeting with the Paradise this morning!

Epist.I p.273

20th January

I would like to die or to become deaf, instead of hearing so many insults that the men make to God.

Epist. I p.232

21st. January

Hurray for the love of Jesus, who rewards everything with his visits!

Epist.I p.266

22nd January

I make a continously indigestion of devine consolation.

Epist. I p.264

23rd January

How Jesus makes me happy! How gentle is his spirit! But I get confused and I cannot do nothing else than cry and repeat: Jesus my bread!

Epist. I p.265

24th January

I suffer and suffer so much, but thanks to gentle Jesus, I feel still a little much more strongness and of what is not capable the creature helped from Jesus.

Epist. I p.300

25th January

Nothing he has denied to me, I would like to say that he has given mo more then I have given to him.

Epist. I p.317

26th January

Jesus visit your heart and fill it with celestial dew.

Epist. I p.493

27thth January

If in a soul there would be nothing else then the phrase to love his God there is already everything, there is God himself, because God is not, and cannot be if not where is the desire of  his love.

Epist.III p.665

January 28th

Pray for who loves you so much

Epist. I p.244

January 29th

Jesus is sweetness, and all he wants to extend it in my heart.

Epist. I p.289

30th January

I suffer and I would like to suffer always more; I feel myself consumes and I would like always to be more consumed.

Epist.I p.357

31st January

Jesus with the abundance of the comfort can makes you happy and render you worthy for his reign.

Epist.I p.491

1st February

In the meditation the soul is that who speaks to God, in the spiritual reaching God is that who speaks to the soul through the good reading.

Epist. III p.667

2nd February

Yes my soul is hurt for love for Jesus.

Epist.I p.297

3rd February

If I could fly, I would like to speak loud, to all I would like to screma with all the voice I have in my throat, love Jesus who is worth of love.

Epist. I p.293

4th February

Oh how nice to become victim of the love.

Epist. I p.300

5th February

Oh Jesus, if I could love you, if I could suffer, so much I would like and make you satisfied and repair in a certain way all the ungratefulness from the men towards you.

Epist. I p-.328

6th Ferbuary

Jesus and Mary continue to be my parents.

Epist. I p.285

7th February

Oh my Son, the love you understand in the pain, you feel it acute in the soul, and even more acute in your body.

Epist.  I p.328

8th. February

How many souls more fortunate than me have greated the aurora and not the end.

Epist. I p.327

9th. February

Don’t be afraid, I will make you suffer, but I will give you also the strengths, Jesus repeats to me.

Epist. I p.339


Pray always for who has necessity

Epist. I p.339

11th. February

The best comfort is that what comes from praying

GC, 38

12th February

Jesus says to me that in love it is him who delights me, in the suffering it is me that delights him.

Epist. I p.335

13th February

I want only Jesus, I only desire his punishments.

Epist. I p.335

14th February

Jesus, Man of the sorrows, I would like that all the Christians imitate him.

Epist. I p.336

15th February

That the gentle Jesus will always be with us.

Epist. I p.378

16th February

That the generous Father of Jesus grants the prayers, that raises to Him many generous souls.

Epist. I 468

17th February

When Jesus wants to let me know that he loves me, he let me taste his passion of the sores, the thorns, anguishes.

Epist. I p.335

18th February

I desire the death only for to join me with indissoluble ties to the celest Bride.

Epist. I p.357

19th. February

That the divine grace is always too much in your soul and that it will make you come a load of merits to the port of the eternal salvation.

Epist. I p.688

20th February

That Jesus will always be the Supreme King in your heart and all the souls tha tot us are joined in a same ideal.

Epist. I p.774

21st February

Jesus will not permit that so many tears must be remain fruitless.

Epist. I p.363

22nd February

It likes the Lord, for his goodness, to listen the prayers of many holy souls that are all direct to the same ideal.

Epist. I p.451

23rd. February

The compassionate Jesus assists me and his Holy parents direct my hand.

Epist. I p.379

24th February

For many years I have been at the painful school, without having learned nothing.

Epist. I p.389

25th February

It seems to me that the time escapes quickly and never have enough for praying.

Epist. I p.422

26th February

That Jesus may live for ever and that is never removes his mercy from me

Epist. I p. 469

27th February

The gentle Jesus and the Holy Virgin make me to be deign for the eternal glory

Epist. I p.457

28th February

Pray for the perfidiouses, pray for the ardours, pray for the souvereign Pontiff, for all the spiritual needs and temporal of the Holy Church, our gentle Mother and a special pray for all them who works for the health of the souls and for the glory of the Celestial Father.

Epist. II p.70


We do not want to understand that God does not want and cannot safe us and not santificate us  and not santificate us without his cross and the more he takes to him a soul, the more he purifies for the means of the cross.


1st March

Like the body needs the nourishment, so the soul needs the the cross day by day, for purifying and separate himself from the creatures.

FSP 123

2ND. March

We don’t want to persuade ourselves that the suffering is necessary to our soul; that the cross must be our daily bread.

FSP 123

3RD march

On this earth everyone has his cross, but we must do so that we are not bad thieves

CE, 23

4TH march

The Lord cannot give me a freedom . I must only do on the will of God and of he likes it the rest is not imported.


5th March

Jesus does not ask during the life to bring to him the heavy cross, bur a little piece of his cross, a piece that sums up in the human pain

FSP, 119

6th march

In the first place I would like to let you know that Jesus needs who stays with him for the human impiety, and for this he leads me through the painfull streets for which he holds words in yours

Epist. III p.413

7th March

Therefore do not fear, but retain yourself lucky for being worth and participate to the sorrows of God Man.

Epist. III p.441

8th March

I understand very much, my daughter the your Calvary is always more painfull. But think that on the Calvario Jesus has operated our redemption and on the Calvary the Salvation must perform of the redeemed soul.

Epist. III p.448


I know that you suffer very much, but are not those the jewels of the Bride?

Epist. III.p.445

10th March

The Lord sometimes makes you feel the heavy of the cross. This weight it seems to you unbearable, but you wear it because in his love and in his mercy he longs the hand to you and give you strengths

CE 21

11th March

In assisting of  the Holy Mass renew your faith and think which victim sacrifies for you to the devine justice for appease it and return it propitious

LdP 166

12th March

I prefer thousand crosses, it would be sweet and light, if I had not this proof, to feel myself always incertain to the likes of the Lord in my duties

AD 935

13th March

Love Jesus, love Him much, but for this love more the sacrifice.

GB 61

14TH march

The good heart is always strong, he suffers but covers his tears and consoles himself scarifying himself for the next God.


15th March

Who starts to love must be ready to suffer.

CE 25

16th March

The pain has been loved with the will of the great souls

ANS 42

17th March

Don’t be afraid of the adversity  because they put the soul to the feet of the cross and the cross brings to the door of the heaven, where you will find him who is the winner of the death and who will introduce in the eternal joys

ANS 42

18th March

If you suffer with resign to his will you will not offend him but you love him. And your heart will have big comfort if you think that in the hour of the sorrow Jesus was suffering in you and for you

Gf 174

19th March

Let us go up with generosity to the Calvary for love to him that sacrifies himself for our love and let be patient, secure to take the flight to Tabor

ASN 42

20th March

Hold yourself strong and constant together with God, consecrating all your affects, all your troubles, yourself, waiting with patient the return of the nice sun, and the bride will like to visit you with the proof of the aridity, of the desolation and the darkness of the spiritual

Epist. III p.670

21st March

Yes I only love the cross, I love it because I see it always behind Jesus

Epist. I p.335

22nd March

The real serves of God have always valve more the avversity, as more conform to the road that has run our Director, who operates our health for half of the cross and the disgraces

Epist. VI p.106

23rd March

The destination of the preferred souls is the leaving

Epist. II p.248

24th March

Be always the lover of the sorrow, which is the walk of the devine knowledge, it seems to be, better again, the work of his love.

ANS 43

25th March

Let it be the nature feels suffering, because nothing is more natural then this except the sin

Epist. III p.80

26th March

The life is a Calvary, but it conveince to climb up happy.

CE, 22

27th March

The God of the Christians is the God of the metamorphosis: you put in his gremb the pain, and you take out the peace, you put in the disperation and see float the hope.

28th March

The angels are only for one thing envious of you, that they can not suffer for God.

FM 166

29TH march

The suffering of the physic and moral sorrows is the most deign offer you can make to him who has suffered for saving us.

Epist. III. P.482

30th March

I know that you suffer, but the suffering is not perhaps the certain sign that God loves you? I know that you suffer but isn’t perhaps this suffering the distinctive of each soul that you have chosen for his patient and inheritance one God and a God crucified?

Epist. III p.703

31st March

Accept each pain and in comprehension that comes from the heaven. So you can perfect yourself and you will santificate yourself.

FSP 119

1ST April

Perhaps the holy spirit is like the soul and stays near God for preparing to temptation?

Epist. III p.423

2nd April

You must be strong  to become big, that is our duty

CE 33

3rd April

Nuisance to whom who do not maintain in to be honest.

Csn 15, p.745

4th April

I know that the Lords permits these attacks to the devil, while his mercy returns you to him carely and wants tat you look like him in the anguish of the dessert, the kitchen-garden, of the cross.

Epist. III p.584


I despise the temptation and I unarm the tribulations.

Epist. III  p.632 5

6th April

Here my hope, here my living spring of my happiness! Epist. III p.570

7th April

Close with these vain anxieties. Remember that it is not the feeling that constitute the guilty but the consents to the feelings

CE, 34

8th April

the temptation do not dismay: They are the demostration of the soul that God will experiment.

Epist. II p.626

9th April

The temptation against the faith and the purity is the merchandise offered from the enemy, but don’t worry if not with dispear. Until he shouts it is a sign that he still is not taken possession of the will.

Epist. III p. 422 s

10th April

It is in Him that you have to make resort on the attacks of the enemy, in Him you must hope and from him you have to await every good.

Epist. III p.414

11th April

You can be sure that the more attacks of the enemy grown, the more God is near the soul.

Epist. III p.414

12th April

Courage and do not be afraid od the dark rages of Lucifero

Epist. III p.410

13th April

You can be sure that the more a soul is pleased by God, the more it has to be proved.

Epist. III p.397

14th April

I understand that the temptations seems to mark than purifying the spirit, but let us hear which is the language of the Saints, and on this proposit that you know, from so many, that what says S. Francesco Di Sales: The temptation are like soap, putting it on the sponge it seems to dirty you but in the truth it purifies you.

Epist. II p.68 s

15th April

The confidence returns always at inculcate you. Nothing can fear a soul trusts in His Lord and in him is the appropriate hope.

Epist. II p.394

16th April

Oh what a happiness in the spiritual fights! As long as you know to fight for coming out with victory

ASN 43

17TH April

e careful to be never encouraged in seeing you surrounded by an spiritual infirmity.

ASN 42

18th April

Walk along with simplicity along the ways of the Lord, and do not torture your spirit.

Epist. III p.579

19th April

The confession, which is the purifying of the soul, you need to do it each eight days


20th April

The demon has only one door for entering in our soul, the will, secrets door there aren’t

AdFP. 549

21st April

The demon is like an angry dog on the chain, further the limits of the chain he cannot bite anyone

AdFP, 562

22nd April.

If God lets you fall in some weakness, it is not for leaving you, but inly for establishing you in humility and may you stay attentive in the future

ASN 42

23rd April

Our enemy, conspired to our damages, makes himself strong with the weaks, but with those he faces with the army in the fist, becomes a coward.

Epist. II p 77

24th April

If you are able to win the temptation, this gives the effect that gives the soap to the dirty linen

A dFA 158

25th April

I prefer to suffer many times the death, than to offend the Lord with open eyes

Epist. I p.817

26th April

With the thoughts and the confession you must not return to the sins accused in the previous confessions

Gf 168

27th April

In the commotion of the passion and of the adverse events the dear hope holds us of his inexhaustible mercy: we run trustful to the criminal court, where he with the anxious of a father in each moment waits for us, and knowing of our insolvents in front of him, we do not doubt of the pardon pronounced on our errors

GF 171

28th April

The darkness that sometimes surrounds the heaven of the souls are lights for them you believe in the dark and you have the impression to find yourself in the half of a burning bramble

GF 174

29th April

Walk cheerful and with a sincere heart and open as most you can

Epist. IV p.418

30th April

The proves to which the Lord you subjected are all marks of the divine and gems for the soul.

CE 27

1st May

When you pass in front of the Virgin we need to say: I greet you oh Maris. Give Jesus my greetings



Listen Mother, I love you more than all the creature of the earth and the Heaven, after Jesus of course, but I love you

AD 40

3RD May

Nice Mother, dear Mother, you are smart

AD 55

4TH May

Maria be the star, that gives light to the path, show me the secure road for going to the celest Father

Epist. II p.373

5th May

That Maria is all the reason for your existence and that she guides you to a safe door for the eternal health

ASN 44

6th May

That the clement Virgin continuously  gives you the goodness of Jesus and the strengths to obtain until the end of many proves of charities  that she devotes you

AdFP 563

7th May

Oh Maria, sweet Mother of the priest, mediator and dispensator of all the grace, from the deepest of my heart I pray to you, I beg you and I implore you to thank you today, tomorrow always, Jesus the fruit of my womb


8th May

The humanity wants his part. Also Maria, The Mother of Jesus, knew that through his death he operated the redemption of the human kind, and even she had cried and suffered and how she had suffered

GC 21

9th May

Maria convert yourself in delights all the suffering of the life.

GC, 24

10th May

Don’t be completely devoted to the activity to Marta for forgetting the silence or the abboundance of Maria

CE 45

11th May

Maria, flowers and perfumes your soul for ever new virtue and put her maternal hand on your body

FM 167, 165

12th May

Remember what passed in the heart of our celest Mary when she knew from the cross

Epist. III p.189

13th May

Do not remove from the altar without crying tears from sorrow and love for Jesus, crucified for your eternal health

Ldp 66

14th May

Let us do also, always the will of God and let us say always yes to the Lord.

FSI, 32

15th May

Also we regenerated in the Holy Baptism correspond to grace of our vocation, imitating the Immaculate our Mother, applying ourselves constantly in the knowledge of God for always knowing him better, serve him and love him.

Epist. IV p.860 s

16th May

Oh My Mother, give me that love that ardered in your heart for Him, covered of Mistery, I admire in you the Mistery of your Immaculated conception that I am ardently longing and for that you give me a pure heart for loving my and your God, and also the mind for assorbing to Him and contemple Him, ardore and serve Him in spirit and truth, I pure the body so that it will be his tabernacle less unworthy for possessing Him when he deigns to come to me in the Holy Communion

Epist. IV p.860

17th May

Father, Today it is the grieve, say a word to me, answer: the grieved Virgin loves us, she gives us life in sorrow and love. The grieve never separates herself from your mind and her sorrows are always marked on your heart, she lights it for her and for her Son.

LdP 193

18th May

The beata soul of Mary, like a dove to whom are cut the strings, he dissolves himself from his holy body and will fly in the womb of he delighted

Epist. IV p.967

19th May

After the going to Heaven of Jesus, Mary ardent always more of the desire to stay with him.

Epist. IV p.965 s

20thth May

Jesus and Mary take absolute possess of our spirit and to put it into that celest will.

Epist. IV p.967

21st May

procure to consist yourself always and in everything to the will of God in each event, and do not fear. This conformity is the safe road to arrive in Heaven

Epist. III p.448

22nd May

I desire , and you cannot ignore , the dying and loving the Supreme God, or the death or the love, because the life without this love is worster them the death

Epist. III p.406

23rd May

make the penance of thin king with pain to the offences made to God, The penance to be always constant in the good, the penance to fight your defects

FSP, 42

24th May

I am devored of the love from God and from the love for the next.

Epist. III p. 1246 s

25th May

Take your heart from every earth passion, be humil in the dust and pray

CE, 56

26th May

You have seen a cornfield in full ripening? You can observe that there are certain ears are high and in full bloom, other instead are bend on the ground. Try to take the highest the most vanity, you can see they are empty, if you take instead the lowest the most humile, these are full of corn. From that you can understand that the vanity is empty.

CE 62

27th May

It suits us to make great strengths to become saints and lend great services to God and to the next.

Epist. III p.465

28th May

Let make us ourselves saints, so after having been together on earth, we will stay together in Heaven

GB 26

29th May

During the day, when it is not permitted to you to do nothing else, call Jesus, and between all your troubles, with groan resigned of the soul and he will and stay always together with the soul, through his grace and his holy love.

Epist. III p. 448

30th May

Be always faithful to God in the observing of the promises made to him and do not care saying from the unknown

Epist. III p.1080

31st May

The field of the struggle between God and Satan is the human soul. It is inside her that every moment develop life. It is necessary that the soul gives free access to the Lord and that it is Him in every part, fortificated with each sort of army, that his light spreads so that you ca fight against the dark of the errors: that it is dressed from Jesus Christ for winning the powerful enemies. For be dressed by Jesus Christ it is necessary dying yourself

CE 33

1st June

That the heart of Jesus is the middle of all the inspiration

ASN 44

2nd June

Fly with the spirit in front of the tabernacle when you can not go with your body and it is there the outlet of the ardent longing and speak and pray and unarm the delight of the best souls as for he had given it to you sacramentally.

Epist. III p.448

3rd June

Jesus you always comes in me. With which food you want to nourish yourself! With love! But my love is fallacious. Jesus I love you so much. Make it up to my love

AD 36

4th June

I do not cease you to implore that Jesus gives the blessing and pray the Lord to transfigurate you completely in Him

Epist. III p.405 s

5th June

Let us remember that the heart of Jesus has called us not only for the Santification, but also for our souls. He will be helped in the saving from the souls


6th June

What do I have to say else. The grace and peace of the Holy spirit will be always in the middle of your heart

Epist. III p.427 s

7th June

You will not be amazed of your weaknesses but, recognising for what you are you will blush for your unfaithfulness to God and in him you will trust, abounding yourself quitly  on the arms of the celest Father like a child on those of his Mother


8th June

In the temptation fight strongly with strong souls and fight together with the supreme leader

Epist. III p.698

9th June

We love Jesus for his great divine, for his power in the Heaven and on the earth, for his infinite merits but also and above all for reasons of gratifications

GF, 171

10th June

Oh if I had infinite hearts, all the hearts of the heaven and the earth of your Mother oh Jesus I would offer them all to you !

AD, 54

11th June

Oh my Jesus, my sweetness, my love, love that supports me


12th June


Jesus I love you so much, it’s useless that I repeat it to you, I love you. Love, love only you! To you only praise AD 38

13th June

Jesus that you are always, and in everything escort, support and life! Asn 44

14th June

I approve that you pend yourself for saving souls to Jesus, teaching them the method to like Him. Do the Holy Communion for the Holy Father

Epist. III p.459

15th June

Also admitting that you have committed all this sins of this world, Jesus repeats to you, you have replaced many sins because you have loved very much.

CE 16

16th June

In burning the passions and of the avversed events it supports us the dear hope of her inexhaustible mercy   CE 18

17th June

The heart of our divine Master has no laws more lovable then those of the sweetness, of the humility and of the charity  CE11

18th June

Oh my Jesus, my sweetness, how can I live without you? Come always my Jesus, come only you own my heart   AD, 54

19th June

Oh my children, it is never too much for preparing to the Holy Communion   AP

20TH June

My Father, I feel myself not deign for the Holy Communion I am not  deign! Answer: It is true, we are not deign for such a gift; but a thing is to approach with unworthiness with the mortal sin, another thing is not to be deign. We are all worth, but it is Him who invites us, and he wants it. Let us be humil and we receive it with the heart full of love.

LdP, 55

21st June

That the whole day is a preparing and thanking to the Holy Communion

LDP, 55

22nd June

Don’t discourage yourself if you cannot do what you desire, force yourself to practise what you need to practise and do not come less in what it concerns, nothing takes care of you if in this you experience support or disturbing or troubles. Your end in this will be always hold

Epist. IV p.394

23 rd june

if it is not permitted to you to remain much time in praying, in lecture ecc. Do not cry for this. Until you have Jesus sacramented each morning, you are lucky

Epist. III .p448

24th June

Only Jesus can understand how sorrowful it is for me, preparing me in front of the sorrowful scene of the Calvary

Epist. I p.335

25th June

Assisting on the Holy Mass renew your faith and think which victim will help you to the divine justice for appeasing it and render it propitious

LdP 66

26th June

Every Holy Mass good listened and with devotion, produces in our souls splendid effects, abboundant spiritual and material, that we self don’t understand

FSP 45

27th June

In these times so sorrowful of dead faith, trionf of empiety, the way most secure for maintaining away from the pestiferous measle that is around us, is that to fortificate with this Eucharistic bread

AdFP, 463

28th June

I have been pointed, because the bell calls me and tickles: and I go to the wine press of the church, to the holy altar, where continiously is the holy wine of the blood of those delicious and special grapes to whom only few fortunately it is permitted to inebriate.

Epist. III p.588s

29th June

See how many contempts and how many sacrilegious commit the sons of the men towards the humanity holy saint of his Son in the Sacrament of love?

Epist. III p.62 s

30th June

My Jesus, safe everyone: I offer myself victim for everybody, make me strong take this heart, fill it with love and after that order me as you like.   AD , 53

1st July

No my God, I don’t desire major enjoyment of my faith, of my hope, of my charity, only for saying with sincerety, anything without taske and without feelings, than rather I die than leave this virtue

Epist. III .p.421 s

2nd July

Give me and conserve me that living faith that makes me believe and operate only for your love

Epist. IV p.884

3rd July

I bless the heart of the Supreme God that has let me know all the realy good souls and laso to them I announced that their souls are the vineyard of God. The Cistern is the faith, the tower the hope, the press is the Holy charity; the hedge is the law of God which divides from the sons of the century

Epist. III p.586

4th July

The living faith, the blind believing and the complete adherence to the authority build form God above you, this is the candle that illuminates the steps to the people of God in the Dessert

Epist. III p.400 s

5th July

The most believing is that which unrestrains from your lips in the dark, in the sacrifice, in the sorrow, in the supreme strengths of an infallible will of love

CE, 57

6th July

Exercise, my dear daughter, a particular exercise of sweetness and submission to the will of God not only in the extraordinary things but also in these little things that every day happens

Epist. III p.704

7th July

When you feel good you listen to the Mass. When you feel bad you cannot assist, the Mass tells it.  AP

8th July

I rather love to be transfixed with a blade, then give sorrow to someone

T, 45

9th July

Find yes the loneliness, but with the next do not lack in charity  CE 19

10th July

You need also in retaken have knowledge of season the revival with polite and sweet ways   GB, 34

11th July

Failing in charity is like wounding the Supreme God in the pupils of his eyes  AdfP, 554

12th July

The blessing, from wherever it comes, is always daughter of the same mother, in so much the providence  AdFP, 554

13th July

I have never been repented of the sweetness used, but I have felt a remorse of conscience and I had to confess myself, when I have used a little bit of hardness  GB, 34

14th July

Where there is no obedience, there is no virtue  AP

15th July

I implore you, for the weakness of Jesus and for the viscera of the mercy of the Celest Father, never cool yourself for the ways of love

Epist. II p.259

16th July

It regrets me so much to see suffering! For taking away a sorrow to someone, I do not find difficulty taken a stab in my heart. Yes this would be for me more easy

T, 121

17th July

Where there is no virtue, there is no love, no good, and where there is no love there is no God and without God you don’t go in Paradise AP

18th July

I cannot suffer the criticy and the saying bad about the brothers

CB  62

19th July

The charity is the Queen of the Virtue. As the pearls are together on the thread, so are the virtues of the charity. And when the thread brakes, the pearls fall, also the charity is less and the virtues disperses  CE II

20th July

The charity is the meter with that the Lord guides us   AdFP, 560

21st July

Remember that the pin of the perfection is the charity: who lives from charity, lives in God because God is charity like the Apostle said.

AdFp, 554

22nd July

Ypou are right for not starting ever and work with having first emplored the help of the devine

Epist. III p.456

23rd July

I suffer and suffer very much: but thanks to the good Jesus I feel still  BIT STRENGHTS: AND OF WHAT IS NOT CAPABLE THE CREATURE HELPED FROM God?

Epsit. I p.303

24th July

Fight my daughter with strongness, if you will like to have the pure of the strong  souls

Epist. III p.405

25th July

Don’t deny in anyway and for no reasons for doing charity to who it will be, not only but presenting favourite occasions, to offer yourself

Epist. I p.12.3

26th July

The world could also stay without sun, but cannot stay without hearing the Holy Mass   AP

27th July

The simplicity is a virtue, but until a certain point. To this never should fail the prudence: the cunning and the shrewdness, instead they are diabolical and they are painful

AdFp. 39

28th July

The vainglory is a proper enemy of the souls who have consecrated to the Lord and they give themselves to the spiritual life

Epist. I p.396

29th July

Make that you soul is not disturbed from the sorrowful show of the human injustice

MC 13

30th July

The Lord for make us a flower, gives us so much grace and we believe to touch the heaven with a finger

FSP  86

31st July

The stron and generous hearts are not painful un less for great reasons, and also those reasons they do not make them enter into their intimate.

MC, 57

1st August

The Lord let us know who we are a little at the time. To say the thruth I think it is not possible how one, who has intelligence and conscience, can be proud

BG, 57

2nd August

I tell you, more to love your well doing: and love your proper ubbidience consits in this, oh daughter, if you are humil, quite, sweet, confident in the time of the darkness and the impotence, if you I say, if you don’t trouble yourself, you don’t torment yourself if you don’t upset for all this, but with good heart, I don’t say cheerful, but I say with frankness and constant unarm these crosses and stay in this darkness, and so you will love your well doing, because what is to be well done if not to be dark and impotence?

Epist. III. P.566

3rd August

We also ask to our dear Jesus the humility, the trust and the faith of our dead Saint Chiara, like she we pray Jesus arderous, abounding us to him, taking us away from this unthruthful  apparatus of the world where everything is madness and vanity, everything passes, only God remains with the soul, if it was able to love good

Epist. III p.1092

4th August

Is there some difference between the virtue of the humility and the obbiedience, because the humility is the recognising of the proper objecting, but loving it, this is thus which urge us.

Epist. III p.566

5th August

Never go to bed before having examinated your coscience how you have passed the day and not before having send all your messages to God, after the offer and consacration of your person and all the Christians. And further offer your glories to his devine Master, the rest that you ar going to take and never forget the angel guardian that is always with you.

Epist. II p.277

6th August

Principal you must insist on the base of the Christian justice and on the base of the goodness, on the virtue, or rather of that what Jesus explicity gives as model, I want to say, the humility

Mt II 29

7th August

I am sure that you desire to know which are the best objects, and I say to you be that we have not elected, or be these that are less thankfull or to say better to those that we not have great indication and to be clear, these of our vocation and profession

Epist. II p.568

8th August

I am not as how the Lord made me to make an act of pride then an act of humility

GB, 61

9th August

The real humility of the heart is that you feel and lived more then showed. You must always humiliate yourself in front of God, but not that false humility that brings to the discouragement, generating discomfort and despairing   AP

10th August

In this world nobody of us merits nothing; it is the Lord who is good in our comparisons, and it is his infined goodness that concedes, because everything pardons   CE, 47

11th August

If we must have patient and support the misery of the others, is as much the more we must support ourselves. In your daily humility unfaithfulness, humility, humility yourself always. When Jesus sees you humiled until the ground, he will give you a hand and he will think himself to attract you to him

12th August

You have build bad. Destroy and rebuild good. AdFP, 553

13th August

What is the cheerfulness as not the posseeding of each kind of goodness, which makes the man paid of all? But on the earth you can find someone who is fully happy? No certainly not.

C.5 n.67 p.172

14Th August

Father you are so good! I am not good, only Jesus is good I don’t know how this suit of S.Francesco which he wears don’t run away from me. The last deliquent  of the earth is of gold at the equal of me   T 118

15th August

The humility and the charity are going at equal steps. One glorifies, the other Santifies   T, 54

16th August

You must always humilate yourself and with love in front of God and the men, because God speaks to whom he considers really humil his heart in front of him and make him rich with his gifts.  T 54

17th August

Let’s look first in the high and then we look ourselves. The infined distance that occurs between the blue and the abyss generates humility   T, 54

18th August

if staying on the feet depends from us, surely with the first puff we fall in the hands of the enemies of our health

Epist. IV  p.193

19th August

You must rather humil yourself in front of God, rather then pulling down the soul, if he reserves you the suffering of His Son and wants the experience your weakness; you must raise to Him the pray of the resignation and  of the hope, and thus for fragility you fall, and thank him for the many benefits of what you are going to enrich   T 54

20th August

What can I do?

All comes from God. I am rich  only of one thing, of an infinite misery  T  119

21st August

If God takes away all that he gives us we will remain with our rags    ER 17

22nd August

How many malice there is in me!

Remain in this convintion, humil yourself but don’t agitate yourself AP

23rd August

Stay careful of never discouraging you to be surrounded of spiritual infirmity. If the Supreme God leaves you fall in some weakness is not for abounding you but only to stabilize you in humility and render you more careful for the future   FM  168

24 th August

The world does not consider us because sons of God: let us console us that at least once a time, he knows the truth and does not says lies asn 44

25th August

Be lovers and practisers of the simplicity and the humility and don’t cure yourself for the justice of the world, because if this world would not have nothing to say against us, we would be real servants  of God

ASN 43

26th August

the proper love  ,son of the pride is more malicious then the same mother

AdFp  389

27th August

The humility is the truth, the truth is the humility

AdFP  554

28th August

God enriches our soul, that of all it deprives

AdFP  553

29th August

Be submitted does not means be slaves, but only free for an holy suggestion

FSP  32

30th August

During the will of the others, we must ,make counting to make the will of God, which will be manifestated to us in that of the supreme father and of our next

ASN 43

31st August

Stay always near the Holy Catholic Church, because she only can give you the really peace, because she only posseeds Jesus sacrementated, who is the real prince of the peace

FM 166

1st September

We need to love each other, to love, to love and nothing else  GF 292

2nd September

Of two things we must continiously implore our sweet Lord: that can grow is us the love and the fear: as that will let us fly on the ways of the Lord, this let us see where we put our feet, that let us show the things of the world for what they are, this will regard each carelessness

Epist. I p.407

3rd September

Only the love can give us that what is in us indomitable and the language of the love is the peruasion of the confidenceùFM 166

4th September

You who have responsibility of souls, try with love, with much love, with all the love, exhausted the love: and if all this is useless, mace yourself, because Jesus iis of example for us, he has teached us that, creating the Paradise but also the hell

AdFP, 550

5th September

If God does not offer to you sweatness and soaving, therefore you must stay of good soul, remaining in the patient and eat your bread, although dry, carrying out you duties, without a present reward. Doing so, our love for God is disinteresting: you love and you serve in this system God at your proper costs, and this is the proper of the perfects souls

Epist. III p.282

6th September

More the bitter you will have, more the love you will receive   FFN 16

7th September

Only one act of love of God made in time of aridity, is more valid than hundred, made in tenderness and consolation

ASN 43

8th September

This my heart is yours….. my Jesus, so take my heart, fill it with your love and after that order what you want.

AD 49

9th September

God loves us, and that he loves us has been demonstrated form the fact that he supports us int the moment of the offence   GB 30

10th September

Light you Jesus that fire, that you have brought on the earth, until consumed of it you sacrifice me on the altar of  your charity, which holocaust of love, because you reifn in my and in the heart of all, and for all and everywhere raises an only canticle of praise, of blessingm of thankness to you for the love that in the mistery of your birth of divine tenderness you have demonstrated us.

Epist. IV p-.869